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Firefighters ~

Firefighter ladder formation, its like cheer meets firefighting - knew it existed in some strange world

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cherry blossom tree park bench, so pretty. Definitely want a cherry blossom tree in front of my house someday.

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Drill, Drill Press, Hole Punch, Drills

Firefighter Paramedic, Paramedics, Firefighters, Drill, Drill Press, Hole Punch, Firemen, Drills, Fire Fighters

Drill, Drill Press, Hole Punch, Drills

Drill, Drill Press, Hole Punch, Drills

Fire Fighters, along with other everyday heroes like our soldiers, deserve SO MUCH MORE respect and honor than they get. so sad how Americans give more fame to celebrities who don't need it, and ignore the real heroes.

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We put people in such high positions and say they are our Herod but in reality they do nothing compared to what my daddy does Happy Father's Day dad thanks for being my hero and to all the other real Heroes in life Military Police EMT etc

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