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Foreigner - Feels Like the First Time - song lyrics , music lyrics

Foreigner - Feels Like the First Time - song lyrics , music lyrics

Hate this. I have never and would never treat anyone else like I do you. I wish there was a way I could show you that. I would move heaven and earth to do things with you and for you and just to make you smile. No one else will ever get that, no one. LAB!


I wish I noticed before my incredibly horrible imagination convinced me he actually like me back.that's impossible why would he like Me. He just feels empathy.

Mata Hari    A Dutch-Frisian exotic dancer in Paris during World War I, Mata Hari also worked as a double agent. She moved to France from her native Netherlands and won acclaim as a dancer with her promiscuity, flirtatiousness and willingness to flaunt her body in a way that was rare in the early 1900s. Since the Netherlands remained neutral during WWI, Mata Hari could move freely between borders as a Dutch subject. She was a courtesan to many high-ranking allied military officers during…

Top 10: Hottest Historical Women

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