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You lied about everything to do with you from the start. You lied the whole time until I couldn't believe a word of what you said to me

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Let's be honest here, who in this world does not stalk their crush on social media?

Hi stalker, May want to ask yourself why are you still so obsessed with us and our relationship that you stalk us everyday.......

I'm just going to pin this periodically as a reminder to those who need to maybe worry about their own grass. Find something other than bashing on people that interests them.

When your stalker is offended because you're offended about being stalked.......

A true stalker. She stalked her ex bf girlfriends before she dated my husband and even got arrested cuz she hit her with her car. No doubting she is a true stalker!

I saw you drive around the building, looking.... but that's ok. We were celebrating our anniversary. Should have joined in on the celebrating! Lol

Hi there stalker. Much better than u. So sad that it is clearly seen u are both miserable but dealing with the abuse anyway!