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"I think you need another necklace." I teased. She narrowed her eyes at me and turned her back to me. I ran after her as she angrily walked away from me, swaying her hips. "I'm kidding you know you look amazing! You always do." Her scowl turned into a smile. "I know, I just like when you chase after me. Makes me feel powerful." Her tone wasn't serious but I knew that she was. (Matty and Joz) KLK

"and it scares me. I enjoy killing, i revel in it. The taste of blood as I ripped open their throats filled me with ecstasy. I destroy everything i touch and I LOVE it. I'm a monster"

@Gabby Burgess hello, I want you to know and understand that what your going through is a serious metal health problem brought on by genetics and puberty, you need to seek help in any way that you can. As someone who has suffered with depression, self harm, anxiety, eating disorders and an eventual mental breakdown it doesn't go away, it consumes your life and your family's. Get help

""destroy what destroys you" \\ kaya scodelario" by gryffindork ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring kaya scodelario, kaya, pictures, effy, backgrounds, models, accessories, people, skins and girls