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System Lord symbols - Stargate I wish the tee shirt I have would have the free Jaffa symbol on it:/

Personal Amusement

LEGO Stargate bookends OMG! // LEGO Jafa! My life is complete...

LEGO Stargate bookends - I can't even begin to describe how much I want these!

Stargate, STARGATE RA Necklace   replica movie prop

Here is the pendent with the necklace. The clasp is Magnetic, so if RA steals it off yo .

Wraith queen costume from Spoils of War - Stargate Atlantis

Yes I know it belonged to the evil alien queen intent on making earth her private salad bar don't care WANT IT

Michael Shanks ~ Stargate's resident geeky archaeologist   #Shanks #Stargate #SG1

Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson ~ Stargate's resident geeky archaeologist (and probably my favorite character - if I had to pick favorites)