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Wow, didn't know that spending on Medicare would hit $1 *trillion* with a T so soon!

How much do you know about Medicare? We bet that you may have a political opinion about it, but you may not know many of the details of where Medicare

Do you have a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan?    If you do, then you've probably heard the term "donut hole" used in relation to Medicare.  If you don't know exactly what the Medicare donut hole is or what it means for your prescription drug coverage, it's time to find out. Call Insuresaver at 1-800-366-2751 or 949-429-7000 for assistance.

This donut hole is anything but tasty. Learn about the Medicare Donut Hole - a.a Coverage Gap - in this unique infographic from 65 Incorporated.

Medicare Made Easy | Source = Mostmedicare.com

e-TeleQuote – Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug eTeleQuote Insurance provides comprehensive Medicare coverage analysis to find the ideal coverage and rates for you.

Original Medicare & Medicare Advantage Plans At-A-Glance

Find out how Medicare Advantage stacks up against Original Medicare & Part D with regard to costs, coverage, premiums and more in order to make the best decision about your own Medicare.

Get an easy-to-understand view of the healthcare program millions rely on.

Medicare in 2016: 5 Numbers Everyone Should Know

Unlike Social Security cards, Medicare cards may be needed in order to get treatment. Lost Medicare cards can be replaced, but be careful of ID theft.

Social Security Disability Insurance vs. Supplemental Security Income

Where can you turn for help if you are disabled? Find out the answer along with helpful facts about Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Su

Medicare made easy! for info on Medigap go to: http://medicare-supplement.biz

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