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i just created my own @drinkneuro SONIC flavor & bottle: http://www.myneurosonic.com/v/5822/tammy-burleson. please vote! create your own for a chance to win $10K and a year's supply of your creation

Creating with the Stars Round 1: Knock Off is now officially open for voting, wait until you see these amazing DIY projects! #CWTS2014 #DIY #knockoff

R2D2 - Laser Cut Wood Model. Vote to help Unshaken Designs (www.unshakendesigns.com) win the contest!!! You have to create a free account but it's easy and you can login with Facebook to vote!!! Thanks for your help!!

Update 11/22/2013: Thanks to everyone who voted for this project in the Microcontroller Contest! It was one of three first-prize winners. Update 9/17/2013: Thanks to everyone who voted for this ...

CLAMSHELL SUNSHADE...these kids have a pretty awesome Dad! Check this simple design out to build your own sunshade! Vote for it in the Instructables Backyard Contest!

This is a bonus for my other instructable: Create faceted paper-objects If you like it, please vote for me there while the papercraft competition s...

Creating a wall clock from recycled wooden pallet boards is incredibly simple and looks fantastic. This Instructable documents the process.*If you like this Instructable consider voting for it in the Time contest! As always, feel free to comment and/or share a picture of your own wall clock.

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