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Pagan Sky on

I would like to think I will die a heroic death… but it's more likely I'll trip over my dog & choke on a spoonful of frosting.

35 Of The Most Hilarious Quotes EVER.

35 Of The Most Hilarious Quotes EVER.

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<b>Everyone has these very major problems in their lives.</b>

When they figured out why meeting other people's parents was so stressful.

YouTube's been playing ads for that "Annabelle" movie so much lately, based on my entire lack of horror movie searches.

Tumblr Wumblr 69 *Chicka Chicka Yea*

That is so true! Oh my word I'm always having to bear through horror movie traets! Even tho I like scary movies, I don't like them playing if I'm not ready for it! I have to prepare to watcha horror movie for like two hours before I watch it!