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Bringing Sexy Back... (Accountability/Motivational Group - Starts: Monday March 10th, 2014)                   Looking for at least 3 more people who are serious about making health changes and are looking to shed between 15-25Lbs off their bodies in 1-3 months!! Get FREE support, motivation and tips while completing a BeachBody program of your choice (from start to end).  Will include fun daily themes & little challenges in between + GIVEAWAYS!!   Are YOU ready for this challenge? If so…

Sexy is in jeopardy. I must bring it back. JT bringing sexy back

Poor DJs

‘Call Me Maybe’ gets the meme treatment (18 Photos)

as much as i love this corny song haha i dont tihnk i would have EVER asked my dj to play it haha.although i did ask him to play love me like a love song and got that one more then once haha.miss my dj :(

hahahaha... I love JT!

Funny pictures about N'Sync was missing something. Oh, and cool pics about N'Sync was missing something. Also, N'Sync was missing something.

"Mean Girls" Predicted Miley Cyrus's Haircut

"Mean Girls" Predicted Miley Cyrus's Haircut

"I have this theory that if she cut off all her hair she'd look like a British man". "Mean Girls" Predicted Miley Cyrus's Haircut, haha!

Omg! Could not stop laughing!! XD

Don't neglect your eyebrows. Every time you get your hair done.remember to care and shape your brows :) they make a difference

It feels real jimmy

it doesn't feel fake, jimmy. Bahahaha I love emma stone!

Soo awesome

Taylor Swift& so funny! I quote her Minnesota soccer mom impersonation all the time. (I don& care much for a lot of her music, but she& a really sweet girl.

Damn Africa, what happened?! #MeanGirls10thAnniversary pic.twitter.com/NZsxOx3Nem

Sexy Culonass ®🍑👯 on

Mean girls references never get old. Damn, Africa, what happened?

I like your necklace…

I like your necklace…

Conan: "I like your necklace." Rebel Wilson: "Thanks. It was my grandma's." I love rebel Wilson!

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard... [; @jen Lawson @Laura Jayson Buettemeyer @Diamondtina Guhl Guhl

Funny pictures about Make milkshakes they said. Oh, and cool pics about Make milkshakes they said. Also, Make milkshakes they said.

Amanda Show

The Amanda Show Totally Kyle! - totally watched this episode yesterday on tv!this is my life.

sometimes i'll do something and think, that was so raven. sometimes i'll do something and think, that was not very raven- hangover!

Zach Galifianakis- loved him the first time he did SNL. He's hilarious!