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Branding of Planet Beyond. http://www.melloagency.com/planet-beyond

Android security mystery - 'fake’ cellphone towers found in U.

1535004.jpg (763×510)

1535004.jpg (763×510)

Top 9 Black Plague FAILS - Onion

Top 9 Black Plague FAILS

The Onion, America's Finest News Source.

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800x532-INTER159616_1.jpg (800×532)

L.A.'s Hottest Professional Fire Performance Company to Perform ...

candid reference - drew and zach fire breathing. (trav in the background freaking out)

Sarah Silverman: A new perspective on the number 3000 -- Love Sarah <3

Sarah Silverman takes TED audience somewhere comfortably uncomfortable

Russian rocket falls back to Earth after liftoff - Yahoo News Philippines

Russian rocket rocket falls back to Earth after liftoff

A Russian-built Proton rocket with Russian relay satellite and the Kazakh communication satellite aboard blasts of from a launch pad in the Russian leased Kazakhstan's Baikonur cosmodrome on April — AFP pic

Justice Antonin Scalia Dropped a Bombshell, His Resignation from the Supreme Court “Effective Immediately” - |

US Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas (L) and Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia participate in the courts official photo session on October 2010 at the Supreme Court in Washington, DC.

North Korea continues to make threats to nuke the White House and Pentagon. Babylon the Great will soon strike back. More at www.andrewtheprophet.com

North Korea frequently tests missiles at times of heightened tensions with South Korea - AFP