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You can fill a feeder with simple sugar syrup – but never use honey, brown sugar, artificial sweeteners or food colourings. To mix your own syrup, mix one-quarter to one-third cup of granulated sugar with one cup of water. Bring to boil and let cool before filling your feeder. The more feeders you provide, the happier hummingbirds will be!

Sing little songbird, sing a song of joy, send it to my Mama who is resting with The Lord. Tell her how I love her, how I miss her ever so, that I'm waiting to be with her, someday... I'll go. Tell her "Happy Mother's Day" in Heaven with your sweet little song, sent by the breath of Angels to carry it along. The one who created you and I will gladly except your song, He is tending my mother as He sits on The Throne. Lyrics: R. Rivers : Photo-

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Amaranthine ~ looks like a starling to me; just thought I would throw this beautiful bird in with these gorgeous colors. with <3 from JDzigner.

Some-kinda Birds (watcha macallit) ~ by Ana Rosa ~ Miks' Pics "Fowl Feathered Friends ll" board @