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Yes baby!

Brutally honest (30 pohtos)

Third grade math FAIL. 200 points to Ravenclaw for pointing out the teacher's error.

Third grade math FAIL.

Why I hate word problems. The poor smart kid had to get almost all the way through the problem with real math before it clicked. Just like me every time.

.I'm quite sure I'll be getting a volume or two of this dedicated to me.

One part wasn’t enough…

My daughter is writing a book. I guess ken part wasn't enough. My mean mom part 1

MEME Soon 1

Funny pictures about Evil Plotting Duck Planning His Revenge. Oh, and cool pics about Evil Plotting Duck Planning His Revenge. Also, Evil Plotting Duck Planning His Revenge photos.

He does have a point. Genius.

19 Kids That Will Take Over the World With Their Cleverness

I WISH kids would be so creative all of the time ;) More of the greatest inappropriate test answers from young children. If I had a kid, this would probably be their answer!

How much turmoil does science projects cause families

How much turmoil does the science project cause families? So happy my school doesn't have science fairs.