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American Indian

Indian Fry Bread - This is an American Indian Staple. Much like the Tortilla or Naan. It's fabulous serverd as a side to Chile Verde or used as a base for tostada or drizzled with honey and eaten as dessert

Cherokee Recipes from Momfeather

Another Indian Bean Bread Recipe that also includes flour. Serve with greens and pork. Cherokee Recipes from Momfeather

Cornmeal cranberry orange cookies. Just my speed!

Cormeal Cookies (Se-lu I-sa U-ga-na-s-da) Want to try to make them lower in fat

Cree Bannock ~ Bread on a Stick

Fry Bread of the indigenous peoples - scroll to the end of the article and there are links to recipes.



Enjoy browsing a vast selection of Native American recipes contributed by visitors to NativeTech over the last decade.

NativeTech: Indigenous Food and Traditional Recipes - Thanksgiving/Pilgrim Recipes

This Wampanoag recipe, which makes a warm and soothing breakfast, dates back hundreds of years (with a few nods to modern tastes). This is a version from Darius Coombs and Eleanor Jackson of Plimoth Plantation.

Why Americans Relish Cranberries

Colorful and good for you, cranberries turn any meal into a showstopper. But their glamorous exterior belies a bitter truth: Raw cranberries are mouth-puckeringly sour.

Javanese Salmon from my sister's and my recipe blog - yum!

Two SIsters. I had this at Portland good friends, Iva-Marie and Kyle’s, and I had to learn to make it. They had had it at the restaurant Saucebox and asked for the recipe. (How much do we love it when our frien.

Rosemary Corn Bread

Rosemary Corn Bread Upgrade boxed cornbread mix by dressing it up with corn kernels, yogurt, and dried rosemary.

Very good and fast. - Navajo Fry Bread

Navajo Fry Bread

Very good and fast. - Navajo Fry Bread