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The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could. - unknown thats for all of you who never believed in me you have something really big coming at you!


REMEMBER: Breakups hurt, but losing someone who doesn't respect and appreciate you is actually a gain, not a loss.


Don't force a relationship that doesn't fit. Your life naturally makes room for the people who are meant to be there.


Sometimes you just got to stop looking for a partner, focus on your goals and rebuild your life. The right person will eventually find their way to you.

True love

If it's not making you better, it isn't love. True love makes you more of who you are, not less. - Mandy Hale (If thats the case i think i must only be capable of 'loving' myself. I always lose who i am in the place of girlfriend or lover.

Exactly why some family members are only spoken to at family functions.

Start ignoring people who threaten your joy. Literally, ignore them. Say nothing. Don't invite any parts of them into your space. Learned this from a psychotherapist! It actually works!

Breaking Up and Moving On Quotes : Yes

Breaking Up and Moving On Quotes : Yes...

nice Breaking Up And Moving On Quotes :Breaking Up and Moving On Quotes : Yes.

Are you man enough?

a weak man can't love a strong woman, he won't know what to do with her. One weak man tried to control me.

Amazingly true

Amazingly true