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and then puke it out till you're skinny enough

Spirited Away- Not a quote from the movie, but some great advice from No-Face!

Your shit is about to get wrecked son

I could care less about myself and I'll just hold it close to myself till I'm alone. But it's an entirely different story with my friends. Let's just say there would be one less person walking away from that conversation

Anime is way better than real life!!!! (And that's why I'll forever be single..... Lol XD)

I can't lie, all those anime-guys are famous because of their sexyness. *Silently goes to Anime/Manga corner and watches anime*

Yato, not the god of calamity, nor god of happiness, he's the GOD OF JENGA

Yato, not the god of calamity, nor god of happiness, he's the GOD OF JENGA<<<XD I’ve never seen this anime, but he’s definitely the Jenga God

You sire got that right, Sebby Chan XD

13 Facts about The Cutest Species " Caracal Cat "

Diaries: Page 1 (do not repost) by ProxyComics.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

You may NOT copy, steal, trace, heavily reference, or alter my art in anyway. Do not repost/upload anywhere without my permission. Please respect my art. Diaries: Page 1 (do not repost)

Homicidal Liu Creepypasta

Repost if you love Creepypasta! Creepypasta is an amazing fandom and the fact people are leaving and judging it hurts. It brings people closer together and you get connected with the characters. I'm not leaving it-What about you?