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I may have been silent when Chuck died, but that did not mean I didn't care, I just knew there was nothing I could do.

Quotes That Gives You Chills

My silence absolutely means you are not worth the argument

One of my favorite things about the boot-scootin' genre is that its really good at making you feel things. It could make you feel sad, nostalgic, or like all you need is a beer and truck to make you happy. There are also some great love songs from the genre — and not just about being in love, but makin' love (that's what you call it in country speak). So if you're gonna take a roll in the hay with someone, serious or not, here are the country songs that'll get you in the mood...

30 Sexy Country Songs For Doin' It Cowgirl Style

The sexiest country songs — get the Spotify playlist now! Wedding Reception music for the country couple

My homage to the late Heath Ledger - he played a knight, a gay cowboy, a casanova, and the Joker. His talent, not just his good looks, made his famous. He's gone but never forgotten.

My homage to the late Heath Ledger - he played a knight, a gay cowboy, a casanova, and the Joker. His talent is missed

Who knew that Hiccup could throw a punch like that? I'm impressed! I also really like that they showed this side of his character because this is the type of thing we don't see from him very often. :)

Unfortunately Thor's mighty hammer hit snotlouts paper jaw. Do it again hiccup!

This is one of my favorite ships!

- I don't ship it but that was HILARIOUS and ADORABLE And Russia, baby, you're not fat, you have a nice body and you're absolutely precious and sweet.

28 rules for Fathers or Mothers with Sons. My favorite one is "Let him Win - sometimes he needs to know that big things are possible!" And an adorable photo idea for daddys or mommys!

28 rules for fathers of sons.this literally made me cry. This daddy/son photo is beautiful. I love this photo

I might actually pay to watch this.

I might actually pay to watch this.

Agent Coulson--I have no idea where all this goofiness comes from but I honestly think having Captain Latin America would be hilarious and AWESOME!

10 Things I Hate About You-probably my favorite rom-com.

10 Things I Hate About You / 10 Razones Para Odiarte - moonlessheart

10 Things I Hate About You One of my favourite movie kisses of all time