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History of war uniforms in one image.

History of war uniforms in one image.

Pretty cool quick visual reference: History of English war uniforms in one image,

me but the insecurity projection one and the literally me are mashed into one fucked up being of an oc

"Each is my baby and I ban you from hurting them again!" After every imagine your OTP I read.

Wheelingalong24: Photography Tips: How to pose in a wheelchair

One of the trickiest parts of taking a good ootd photo is posing. Add being plus size (ish) & in a wheelchair to that & it becomes a fi.

talithamakoni:  It felt so good to be silly and take pictures again :) follow me on insta @iamtalithamakoni

i love how much my aesthetic for persephone varies bc she's such a dynamic character in myth. on one hand she's a goddess of springtime but she's also queen of hell it's amazing

Dude, you have to watch this

Get your meme on!

funny things said on club penguin<<<it's funnier cuz the last one is why Luke Hemmings got kicked off

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once a man dressed as big bird and walked into my grandmothers house through the back door while we were celebrating my brother's (who was turning birthday. the guy took my brother's cupcake, and ran.