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Fairy tale

Fairy tale inspiration: Queen of ice and snow / karen cox. White Out // winter dreams

Dying! Dying in the night!  Won't somebody bring the light  So I can see which way to go  Into the everlasting snow?

it makes you want to live in a fantasy world where everywhere you look there are forts made out of sheets and you find yourself in a sparkly pink tutu with a gold painted cardboard crown on the top of your head.

Faeries - a beautiful book containing Alan Lee's illustrations

"A phooka (a Celtic trickster) from the book *Faeries* by Brian Froud, Alan Lee et al." Whether or not this is in real Celtic mythology or just something someone came up with, this is freaking cool!

Peaceful World

Peaceful World

The foxes are my friends. They speak to me words of cleverness and ideas that would baffle the mind. Trust in the fox, they are magestic like the lion, secretive as the panther, and clever like a tiger. They are an animal that is powerful yet small


This beautiful picture reminds me of how I felt when I was much younger and read fairy tales.that mystical, magical feeling!

Further Up and Further In: Inspiration: Edmund Dulac

Edmund Dulac’s illustration of Gerda and the Reindeer for Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, 1911

Unicorn - one of the National animals of Scotland. Tis true!

Unicorn - a gallery of magical Unicorn and Pegasus artwork by various artists. This collection of Pegasus and Unicorn images is truly enchanting.

WTF is with all of the unicorns all of a sudden??

Items similar to OOAK fairy horse or unicorn or pet horse portrait art sculpture by Kate Sjoberg on Etsy