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#MichelleObama Real men aren't intimidated by strong, smart women.  In fact, the really smart ones know they're better for having that strength at their side.  For the idiots who keep commenting that she was disbarred, please learn how to fact check. Both she and her husband can switch their status from inactive to active at a moments notice.  Do your research somewhere other than a trash website, please.

I know that if she would of run for president with basically anyone, she would have stopped Trump.


There's no Homework in Finland Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Education category. Check out There's no Homework in Finland now!

Some truths

Support Costco because they care.

“We Are Wisconsin” brings Madison protests to the big screen

We Are Wisconsin is the definitive documentary of the movement in Wisconsin to defy Gov. Scott Walker’s annihilation of workers’ rights. It features AFSCME Local 2436 member Rachel Friedman and inspires all of us to keep up the fight.

And that's true. We matter, they only stands for filling their pockets

Labor Action: Pushing for Strike and Consumer Boycott Against Walmart

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Very true, indeed. :/ Hard-right Republicans' rejection of basic economics is just the latest example of how they have abandoned rational thought and refuse to accept established scientific facts.