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Jimmy Kimmel has the BEST videos.  When this aired on TV....yep, I tinkled.  This is Tom Hanks doing a spoof on child beauty pageants with a fake/actress daughter.  HILARIOUS.  "Toddlers & Tiaras with Tom Hanks", via YouTube.  It's funny......EVERY time you watch it.

Toddlers & Tiaras with Tom Hanks - Found this video on You tubed.Tom Hanks doing a Toddlers & Tiaras for the Jimmy Kimmel show. Too funny.check out the two famous dads at the end.

Running girl by Nikita Melnikov

Running girl

running man was, and now the girl (: Illustrations: Glitterkip Animation: Nikita Melnikov

Ooops!  Click to see action...

"Why Sumo is Better than Karate" -- Still one of the funnies cat videos ever

Marvin, Pulp Fiction - (Quentin Tarantino) ~ This  is a great scene where Vincent ( John Travolta ) accidentally shoots passenger Marvin in the face. The window is splattered with blood and Jules ( Samuel L. Jackson ) has pieces of Marvins Skull in his hair. But they handle it so nonchalantly.....

25 Best car scenes in movies. I Shot Marvin in the Face - Pulp Fiction Movie CLIP HD

A three second clip from a bigger project I am working on right now. Can't wait to see the whole thing put together :)

Cake [gif]

One of the biggest trends right now is animation. It’s smaller than video, more engaging than still images, and the range of talent worldwide seems to grow daily. Just a couple of years ago, web.