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Rune Meanings Precise Meaning Most Norse Designs Symbols Viking Tattoo (High Elf Runes)

Tolkien Quote Lord of the Rings Hobbit by DigitalDesignVault

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varg runic symbols

varg runic symbols

Alchemical Symbols  The word alchemy comes from the Arabian al-kimia, referring to the preparation of ‘Elixir’ or the ‘Stone’ by the Egyptians. The Arabic kimia, in turn, comes from the Coptic khem, which referred to the fertile black Nile delta soil and also to the dark mystery of the primordial First Matter (the Khem). Do you recognize the origin of the word ‘chemistry’?

one day i'll get the mercury sign and the air sign somewhere (seeing as I am a gemini i think these would be a much more unique tattoo idea rather than getting the normal gemini )