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-Pictured here are NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre facilities, Florida. After the birth of the Apollo 11 myths, many conspiracy theorists would never look at the famous American agency the same way again.

The First Human To Break The Speed Of Sound In A Freefall

Felix Baumgartner jumps to earth from the edge of space. I watched every delay etc. and watched him do it. Was amazing!

On April the private spaceflight company Blue Origin launched its reusable New Shepard rocket and Crew Capsule for the third time and successfully landed them back on Earth. See photos from the test flight here.

En image : les sites d’atterrissage d’Apollo photographiés par LRO

See photos of NASA's historic Apollo moon landing sites of the late and early as seen by the Lunar Reconnaissance Obiter in lunar orbit today.

Armstrong and Aldrin were the first two people on the Moon when Apollo 11 landed there in July This continues to fascinate our readers.

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NASA was testing an astronaut escape ship designed to pull an Orion spacecraft should an emergency arise during launch. The astronaut escape ship was designed for the International Space Station.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy in orbit. Three rockets with a total of 32 Merlin Engines.

First Testing of Orion Launch Abort System Flight Hardware

NASA engineers and contractors conduct static loads testing of the Orion Launch Abort System (LAS) Fairing Assembly, flight hardware that will be used to cover and protect the Orion crew module during Exploration Flight scheduled for September

Flying saucers were actively studied by NASA and US industry in the late and early A craft of such a shape would experience lower heating on re-e

Watch a Video of Elon Musk's Roadster Flying Through Space