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Creepy Medical Images From The Past
morbidly adorable o.O  I have no idea why this made me think of you. But I thought you would think it was as cool as I did.
Otzi, the Ice Man of the Alps who was discovered in 1991.  His mummy, created by having been covered with glacial ice shortly after his death, is the oldest known human skin ever discovered – 5,300 years old – and it is tattooed.  Otzi has 59 separate tattoos
That poor boy is probably horrified...
Mermaid Body Found In Washington | Mermaids: The Body Found” Continues to Puzzle if Mermaids Do ...
Illinois - Julia Buccola Petta died in childbirth in 1921 at the age of 29. Following her death, Julia was buried, wearing her wedding dress, along with her baby at Mount Carmel. Soon after, her mother began having dreams in which Julia was telling her that she was still alive. The dreams continued for the next six years. Finally, she obtained permission to have Julia's body dug up and examined. (Click for story)
Did the US Government already know something? Five dollar bill shows the twin towers, Ten dollar bill shows after the planes collided, Twenty dollar bill shows the building collapsing, Fifty dollar bill shows the dust and the smoke, One Hundred dollar bill shows a new beginning...The monies are all shaped like Airplanes... What a Coincidence huh!!!
This cast is used in the Artists studio plaster cast room.She is beautiful to draw and paint.
27 insane inventions from the past photo