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A Strengthening and Heart-Pumping Workout That Will Only Take You 15 Minutes (FitSugar)

Don't waste your time on a long, boring, mundane workout. Here's an eight-move bodyweight workout that moves fast and targets all the major muscle groups you care about: arms, abs, and butt. It will a

No Gym, No Problem! This Circuit Workout Uses Just Your Body (FitSugar)

30 Day Challenge: Day 10 Update + Workout Tips! (CAREER GIRL DAILY)

12-Minute Full-Body Slider Workout (+Giveaway!) (Pumps & Iron)

Beauty Tryouts #9 (A Girl, Obsessed)

One of my goals for this year is to get back into a regular fitness routine. I accomplished some awesome workout goals last year, like taking a walking/running class and participating in my first 5K.

November Knockout Workout (The Fitnessista)

Why I love BodyPump (Everything's Rosie)

Recently I've been really enjoying BodyPump - it's quickly gone from being my most hated, to my favourite workout of the week. Why? Because, unlike cardio classes, the differences in my body are far

Your Foam Roller Can Give You a Strength Workout (Lifehacker)

Foam rollers are famous for giving great massages: you just roll your target body part over this handy cylinder. But you can also use a roller as part of a strength workout, where it fills in for exer

Four Exercises to Improve Your Flexibility and Help You Touch Your Toes (Lifehacker)

Being able to touch your toes definitely means you’re flexible, but it’s also a fair indicator of how well you can lift heavy objects, move around in everyday life, and squat or deadlift in the weight

Get that butt in shape before July 4th with Chris Powell and Women’s Health (Chic & Sweaty)

Get that butt in shape before July 4th with Chris Powell and Women’s Health