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Dovedale, Lion Rock, Derbyshire, England

This web page has an important photograph of Two tepees reflected in water of pond, with four Piegan Indians seated in front of one tepee, and a nice collection of historic photos.

Lame Bull 1940, indian, old face, powerful face, intense, strong, emotional, storyteller, indian, Native American, wild, portrait, b/w

OLD BUFFALO HUNTER The story lines on this portrait depict the weathered life and times of an old buffalo hunter. Lame Bull as he looked in the Lame Bull was of the Blackfoot Band who roamed the plains of Alberta Canada. No location.

Native American Black Indians | Native Americans - Quiet Thoughts

Toni Scott photography and digital work. Black Indians are people of African-American descent, usually with significant Native American ancestry, who also have strong ties to Native American culture, social, and historical traditions.

It's funny how all of that was never brought up in school either. It's a part of history that everyone needs to know.

I'm not speaking cryptically just to please wasicu. I'm gonna keep reminding them of what their ancestors did, because what MINE did is just as important.

Native American Indian Headdresses

Plains Indian Headress ~ CHIEF'S CROWN - Many deeds have I done and for each I have earned a feather from the eagle, Great Spirit. I have hunted and counted coup on many enemies and have proved myself to be worthy of this crown. My teepee, my home a

Many African Americans have family roots in the southern state of Mississippi. This is one of the states where Native Americans in history, especially members of the Choctaw tribe, frequently intermarried with Blacks. Those Native Americans themselves, as well as the children they had with African Americans, were commonly called "BlackFeet." They were also called "BlackFoot tribe Indians."

Black Native American probably adopted in to native tribe or captured as slave. Early Life - America- American History - Women's Rights - Child Labor - The Great Depression - Civil Rights - Native Americans - Slavery - American Indians.

Incredible, and still they don't have the right to vote!

Native America's Timeline, the last one about living anywhere they would like is alittle misleading since most stay on the reservations or nations for health care, family, lack of money to go anywhere else, many different reasons that the families are sti

The Native American commandments -Except the Great Spirit but after all why not, I respect Animism more than any other religious system (non-human entities are spiritual beings)

I accidently came across this list of the Ten Indian Commandments. I love how the Native American Indians have such a great list of commandments that mean so m