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Eskil Ronningsbakken performs a handstand over a dramatic drop bizarrely as part of a Norwegian TV campaign about risk-taking.

12 Most Amazing Daredevil Pictures - most amazing pictures, daredevil pics, daredevil pictures

New York City-1930.  Noooo!

Hero of America. Worker smoking cigarette and carrying bag across shoulders while pausing in middle of steel beam high above city streets during construction of The Manhattan Company Building at Forty Wall Street, New York.


27 Events That Can Ruin Your Childhood

We are never ready to be parents, but come on people some things that you do with your child lack of common sense. And then we start thinking what went wrong when the kids grow up all twisted and stuff

Extreme Cliff Camping

Extreme camping and rock climbing photographs by Gordon Wiltsie. Hanging precariously in tents off a vertical cliff face wouldn’t be most people’s idea of the perfect camping trip.

Kaieteur, Guyana - South America - pretty amazing but yet another thing you will never see me do

Top of the Kaieteur Falls, Guyana. Kaieteur Falls is a waterfall on the Potaro River in Kaieteur National Park, central Essequibo Territory, Guyana. It is 741 ft.

Prima di Photoshop  Harold Lloyd - "Safety Last" (1923)

Harold Lloyd’s Incredible Balancing Act In this unbelievable photograph, silent film comedian Harold Lloyd demonstrated his courage by doing a headstand on the edge of a skyscraper.

The view on this climb is gorgeous.

Tucker’s Proud Rock Climb climber Heidi Wirtz. Was very fortunate to climb in a clinic with Heidi! She's not only an awesome climber, but an amazing person as well!