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Writing Samples ~ List, Letter, Postcard, Card, Story, Recipe, Book & Poem

This is a perfect way to show the kids different types of writing! (Also use as a reading response visual board.each comp key we learn and practice.anchor chart or example completed work can be placed on the board as a visual reminder for the kiddos)

realistic fiction - questions students ask themselves

September- realistic fiction - questions students ask themselves

Teach Writing Right: Focusing on Writing Skills (more than on an end product)

WritingFix Process: The Post-It Project.creating a community of revisers and editors! Student reminder that can be used over and over again

Showing riddles...great writing exercise using adjectives, descriptive words...older elementary and up

Always Write: A Writer's Notebook Lesson inspired by "Show, Don't Tell: Secrets of Writing.

Love this chart to show all the elements of making booklets. Perfect for Units of Study.

Charting Visions for What is Possible

Writing Process Get students thinking if they are stuck and don't know what to write about have them draw a picture to get them started. Hang this in your room so that students can independantly work.

first grade editing checklist and lots more writing anchor charts....love this and can definitely use this come January :)

Charting the Common Core – Part II

This is a possible checklist for first and second grade writers to use with partners. This site looks like it has a lot of craft ideas and chart ideas.

Flamingos and Butterflies: Scottish Highlands and Quiet Sundays

English - Pinned says: anchors: writing - types of sentences - jeff anderson - mechanically inclined! have the students practice their own after modeling.

Teach n' Tex: Anchor Charts & a Ferris Bueller Moment

Anchor charts - I like the personal narrative one. Could use that for beginning-of-year writing exercise to get to know students and to assess ELA skills - can be adapted for middle school