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Grenadiers a Chevau in Campaign Dress 1806-1814 by L Rousselot

Napoleonic Swords and Sabers Collection: Horse Grenadier Saber Napoleon Imperial Guard

Ufficiali dei granatieri a cavallo della guardia imperiale francese - Lucien Rousselot

"Officers in marching order by Lucien Rousselot. It shows Napoleon's Horse Grenadiers, "tall men on tall horses" (with tall hats as well, all calculated to put fear into the enemy).

Genadiers a cheval, campaign dress.

Garde Impériale - Grenadiers à cheval 1815: Le regiment devenue Corps Royal des Cuirassiers

FRANCE - Imperial Guard, Grenadiers a Cheval,Cent Jours Campaign , In 1814 on the First restoration the regiment had been converted into the Corps Royal de Cuirassiers de France & wore the habite-veste of that regiment during 1815 campaign.

Brigadier et Gendarme á cheval - Patrouille á cheval au Camp de Boulogne en 1804

Imperial Guard, Gendarme d'Elite, Brigadier & Gendarme á cheval, Mounted Patrol of the Camp de Boulogne, 1804

Granatieri a cavallo della guardia imperiale francese- Lucien Rousselot

Historical art prints of Napoleonic Grenadiers a Cheval of Napoleon's First Empire Army, military prints published by Cranston Fine Arts.