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Características Del Agua, Vista De Noche

Características Del Agua, Vista De Noche

Some of these examples of reflective photography could be used to show a scene in a different way - 13.5 things about light?

50 Stunning Examples Of Reflection Photography

San Moise Canal, Venice. Next to any city in Provence, France (of course), this is my fave Euro city. And Brugges. Both quite similar.


Venice, Italy Water reflections are always vertical. Closest to the floating object (boat) is like a mirror reflection.

The Inner & the Outer Worlds Reflect each other. Let's explore this relationship together. reneebeckmft.com

the glass ball with the trees reflecting through looks amazing, with all the water ripples and lovely blue colours.

Anders Zorn (1860-1920), a natural landscape

Anders Zorn, a natural landscape, watercolor. Love the use of gouache here with the transparent watercolor!


Green Garden Archways ~ Ivy Covered Portal, Tuscany, Italy (photo via whoopsie) Focal point.