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MinnCon 2015

Reenactment of and pranking each other with a noisy slurpie in the impala lol Embedded image permalink

OMG. Jealous Cas is Awesome!

I don't ship Destiel but this just cracked me up! I hate Benny! He'll never be as good a friend as Cas! <<<< I do ship Destiel and don't hate Benny, but this is still freaking hysterical

Supernatural || Got Salt?

"I Crave That Mineral" Is The Internet's Favorite New Meme

To NO ONE’s surprise, the Supernatural fandom was among the first to join in: They crave that mineral. -- im laughing so hard rn

Best angel descriptions ever. I still can't get over Anna. "Died due to her ownership of a vagina"<< Best description of SPN angels

[gifset] Mark teasing Osric about his age :) #JibCon14 #MarkShepard #OsricChau

[gifset] Mark teasing Osric about his age :) -- This is funny because he was clean shaven during the first few seasons as Crowley so his beard is only like five years old at most pfft

.@AlainaHuffman! #minncon

Fangasm on

.@AlainaHuffman! #minncon

Sam Winchester Face Appreciation Post

“ This is a mandatory Sam Winchester’s face appreciation post ”