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Why Stormtroopers Always Miss

Funny pictures about Why Stormtroopers Always Miss In The Old Movies. Oh, and cool pics about Why Stormtroopers Always Miss In The Old Movies. Also, Why Stormtroopers Always Miss In The Old Movies photos.


"Nine People looking into the blackness of space and seeing nine different thing." Joss Whedon describing Firefly- I love that they included the ship- she has a perception too :D

18 thing you didn't know about Firefly (i knew an embarrassing number of 'em)

18 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Firefly

18 Things you didn’t know about Firefly Infographic. The Firefly Infographic houses 18 things about the Fox TV show that are not known to the casual viewer

Firefly, man ~~ for AO, obviously...lol...and kind of for "he who won't ever look at Pinterest" as well ~~ but, in keeping with my geekdom, it really should be "1 Joss 4:7"

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SDCC is brilliant. (Firefly) (I saw this guy as we were walking across the street and I just could not stop laughing.

The men of Serenity never looked better in this set of awesome and attractive Firefly art prints. If you miss the Joss Whedon show as much as we do and want to keep a little galactic mojo close by,...

Art Nouveau-Inspired Posters of the Men of ‘Firefly’

Four Art Nouveau Beauties Grace the Verse Strong. We offer those attributes in spades with the Firefly Les Femmes Poster Set. Created by designer Megan Lara using the sinuous

Jayne and Vera: Still a better love story than Twilight.

Jayne and Vera forever! [for non-Firefly people.Vera is the gun. Jayne named it 'cos it's so special XD]

Firefly Series Symbols - Bing Images

Browncoats know the language of the Fox, & hate it with every fiber of their being. Funny and sad.

Young Firefly

The littlest Browncoats play at being Firefly’s Big Damn Heroes - Serenity fan art from illustrator Patrick Ballesteros

Incredible Art and Delightful Home Gifts for All the Nerds In Your Life

Incredible Art and Delightful Home Gifts for All the Nerds In Your Life

Proof That Serenity Is Out There Made famous by the hit TV show, The X-Files, the I Want to Believe poster has become a symbol among sci-fi fans who believe the universe is a bigger, more intere

Daryl & Boba Fet

Walking dead and Star Wars, One of my favorite TV shows and movies with my favorite character from each.too true.