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Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose

dean ambrose | Tumblr

Eye contact with Ambrose.

my heavenly gorgeously  and good looking   handsomely & the hottest dean and i love his  intense and the sexyest stare down & it is turn on for me & my darling honey babe dean

I will probably forever be a Dean Ambrose fan.

Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose

el policía mas lindo <3

Dean in his movie Lockdown: 12 Rounds!

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Do What ? What'd You Say ?  They did what again, now ? sshhuuuutt uuup! Show me one more time, uh !!! cf.

This looks so much like his little kid pic

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ambrose. (deanarmbrose) on Twitter

Dean Ambrose and that smile

Dean Ambrose

no words to describe how I feel about this pic

My heart just melted

Feel free to request something!

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@thedeanambrose @wweromanreigns #sethrollins LOL the wyatts are CREEPY

WWE Wrestling Meme: Is seth rollins better than dean ambrose?


Dean: Who ya talking crazy, Roman?