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Going to do exactly this when my back heals. You never want to workout more in your life than the times you physically can't. I can't imagine this being a permanent thing.

I don't run because I love it, I run because I love who I am when I'm through.

The older I get the less I know for sure. But there are still a few things. Here are five things I know for sure.

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run with your heart instead of your mind. when you think with your mind, you think of the things you can and can't do. but when you run with your heart you forget about what you can't do, and you just go out and do it. run.

My favourite running quote.

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i always hesitate to call myself a runner, but this makes me rethink my reasoning. even though i am not highly competitive nor do i desire to run a marathon, i do run 3 miles a few times per week. i am a runner.

I repeated this to myself the whole way through my first marathon.

This is so beautiful! Can't tell you how many times I've thought this very thing while running. I think about my Mom dying so young, I think of people whose legs don't work. And I run harder!


I am so thankful, I am able to run again after injuries & depression. Running is a gift a true blessing from God. Every single run is a blessing! God is my strength!

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Runner Things Me and running don't always see eye to eye. Some days it hurts more than others. But it doesn't mean I don't do it. I deal with it and I keep running because not everything that is good for you feels good for you. Every day is the day.

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We run to undo the damage we've done to body and spirit. We run to find some part of ourselves yet undiscovered.

We run to undo the damage we've done to body and spirit. We run to find some part of ourselves yet undiscovered. - John "The Penguin" Bingham

I've done this many times!

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What if my legs are perfect but my heart is the first that can't keep going? Actually it goes way too fast and I go out of breath after running 1 meter

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This applies to many aspects of my life. It's a little in shambles right now, and adjustments have to be made. But I will live the life I want to live. Happy free and peaceful.