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Copper and Gold, Master Blend Wire Loc Jewelry. Bold, brilliant colors,non-tarnishing, virtually weightless! Pure symmetry!

Cowrie Shell - the iconic symbol of Mother Africa. Available in brass gold or bright silver. Reconnect to Africa!

Khemetic (Egyptian) Symbol meaning Health (Crook), Strength (Flame), Life (Ankh).

Cute little "jingling" bells for your Crown. Adds fun to any natural hair style!

Feathers have always been a beautiful symbol for indigenous peoples. Meaning according to the specific culture.

RESERVED RESERVED RESERVED Moroccan Berber Necklace with Old Enamel Eggbead, Turquoise, Silver & Blue glassbeads

Moroccan Berber Necklace with Old Enamel Eggbead by TuaregJewelry ~ETS #moroccanjewelry #boho #ethnic

Miniature works of Art for your Crown! Lightweight, non-tarnishing metal. Brilliant colors! Freestyle Hair Jewelry - Silver & Gold.

Gold Freestyle Wire Loc Jewelry. Lightweight aluminum metal, brilliant color, never tarnishes. One-of-a-kind creations for your glorious Crown!

Double Lotus Blossom Ankh. Lotus symbolizes the unfolding of your Divinity. Ankh is life. For a "divine life"!