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Me when I dont know the answer to a question but god comes and someone asks about the question I didn't know

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LOL So True

OK, so I liked the movies, as movies and they went well with the LOTR, BUT this is SO true!

30 Funny Daily Memes

30 Funny Daily Memes

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haha! I remember the days when that was literally my biggest accomplishment in my life

LDS Humor Funny Mormon Meme Youth Horton Horton Horton lets ask Bergsten what this means!

The Best Mormon Humor from Around the Web on LDSLiving.com

The Best Mormon Humor from Around the Web

Elsa reading the book of mormon, she would be an awesome investigator!

|| AH Ha Ha I never thought of it like that! Excellent Pin! ||

when you realize. *Everyone that got pregnant after using Trojan condoms realizes this and puts two and two together* *people storm the Trojan headquarters trying to sue them for defective products*

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weight lifting I love this so much, this is seriously how I feel. People can be so rude and annoying.