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Loving gift for my adult son.

Why is chocolate zombie bunny on the worst Easter gifts list? Zombie bun is awesome! This is something Boyer probably has in her Easter basket.

All I want for Christmas is for February to get here so I can watch more Walking Dead.

All I want for Christmas is for February to get here so I can watch more Walking Dead.and daryl ;

Walking Dead

Funny pictures about Zombie finger. Oh, and cool pics about Zombie finger. Also, Zombie finger photos.

The Walking Dead

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Walking Dead Pictures

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: If people who eat only plant-based foods are called 'vegetarians,' shouldn't we call cannibals and zombies 'humanitarians?

I want this for my home!

"Trespassers Will Be Eaten by Zombies Metal Garden Yard Sign Walker oh i so want this sign. me and lucien are addicted to walking dead. ha ha ha" no idea who wrote that or why, but apparently this is joe walker-relevant.

HAHAHA I don't know what they did with my breath but it's somewhere in Japan. I love him. Norman Reedus. Walking Dead. Daryl Dixon.

This guy has the craziest fans…

Funny pictures about This guy has the craziest fans. Oh, and cool pics about This guy has the craziest fans. Also, This guy has the craziest fans.

Website link is broken,  can't even find this on Amazon ☹

Are You Ready For A Zombie Attack? If not, you better read The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. It gives you step by step instructions for surviving the worst of the Zombie Apocalypse.

—the furies… you know the sound of their wings—alone, at night, in the dark? -  Edith Wharton, The House of Mirth

I had initially thought that this art was connected to "The Walking Dead" comic, but now I'm not entirely sure. Regardless, I don't know who originally did this art but I absolutely love it! It's eerily creepy and disturbing without being overtly graphic.

Personal Life: Processing Deer. This is a great thing to know to reduce waste. Taking more meat will last you longer, commercial reducing consumption.

Processing Deer~venison meat cuts I know this by heart now. Processing your own game is so worth the time. You get the cut's you want with very very little waste and you know exactly What you are getting!

Never ever EVER again!! will I drink this again!! I drank almost the entire bottle nearly straight, made out with my best friend, ran away, and thought I was going to die. and I don't remember any of it. as a reminder to yourself K: no rum! Never EVER again.

Release The Kraken! For all you rum and coke lovers.this is a great spiced rum that goes down oh so smoothly