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Didn't do the others, just the Olympic rings. The nail salon loved the idea and had one of the employees wanting to get it too

The hottest trend this summer is Olympic nail designs! If you are the same as us spending a few evenings watching athletes, you will have noticed that on their way to the podium their nails ruled during this year’s Olympic Games.

Because when you're holding a dead bird, it's important to look pretty... (from WTFPinterest.com)

Black french pointy manicure Anna Sheffield's Beautiful Jewels www.

Perfect for sports seasons! Wish I could do this!!! Any tips on how to let me know!

Gray Is The Best Color For Any Manicure

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Image viaToenail DesignsImage viaCool & Pretty Toe Nail Art Designs & Ideas For Beginners .Image via Pretty Toe Nail Art D

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Original Art by Pretty Polish Please. Cult Nails ~ Annalicious and Cult Nails ~ Nevermore