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My Reiki One Handbook

My Reiki One Handbook

Tanran Reiki: The Five Relationship Healing Symbols

The Five Tanran Reiki Relationship Healing Symbols


Affirmations, Chakra and Chakras on Pinterest

Affirmations, Chakra and Chakras on Pinterest

Effects of colors...

Colour and stress relief, colour healing and colour energy; colour affects your moods and emotions. Use colour therapy to correct imbalances and relieve stress. Learn colour meanings and how to apply.

Reiki Tips Cheat Sheet

[Infographic] Reiki Tips

Reiki Tips Cheat Sheet - I especially like the tip about Reiki your Third Eye and Heart Chakras before falling asleep.

Interesting...6 Steps to Perform Reiki Psychic Surgery~~~

[Infographic] 6 Steps to Perform Reiki Psychic Surgery

Reiki Psychic Surgery mix&match with crystals and cleanse chakras too in the process.

Cho Ku Rei and Sei Hei Ki Tip Sheets. Reiki Symbol Reiki Printables CKR SHK

Cho Ku Rei and Sei Hei Ki Tip Sheets Reiki Printables

Cho Ku Rei and Sei Hei Ki Tip Sheets Reiki Printables - Reiki Playground

What is Reiki and what does it do?

Really want excellent helpful hints concerning natural remedies? Go to my amazing website!

This post looks at some of the research which has been done into the benefits of Reiki in both cancer and palliative care. It's a really interesting read which really shows how helpful Reiki can be. There is also the opportunity to sign up for some FREE research awareness training. SIGN UP to get the upcoming dates or re-pin to save for later. I hope it's helpful!

Benefits of Reiki

Very interesting reiki site.

Posts about All About Chakras on Reiki With Friends

Symbols Cheat Sheet

[Infographic] Reiki Symbols

The 4 reiki traditional Symbols Cheat Sheet

Chakras & the meanings.

Chakra Balancing / Chakra Healing : Best LIfe Media, Books, Audio and DVD for Self-Improvement You almost dont want to share this It should be required to  reiki healing it works !!  Wow I never knew . This is awesome I have to learn hot to do this.

Loving it after my Reiki 2 attunement today!

Qi Gong is an ancient healing practice. "Qi” is energy ad Qi Gong is the practice of using energy to bring positive and healing transformation to your health. In the 28-minute video below, Lee Holden, America's trusted Qi Gong Expert, explains how you can use your inner energy force to improve your overall state of well-being. He will also demonstrate some exercises for you to cultivate relaxation,... Read more @

Qi Gong is an ancient healing practice. "Qi” is energy ad Qi Gong is the…

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Yogi's Journal

Chakras are positioned from top of the head to the base of the spine. Each Chakra influence different areas in our lives from relationships to health to money. In the video below, Dudley Evenson explains the colors and functions of the 7 Chakras.