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Small houses for the win

Celebrate the holiday that celebrates the moms that brought everyone into the world with these funny happy mother's day meme.

Bahahaha (courtesy of "Drum Corps Memes" on FB)

WHY DID I NEVER NOTICE THIS? (For those who don't know: in marching band, the line of all the drums is called the battery.

If you roll your steps while walking in public...you might be a band kid #guilty

Marching band kids are the ones who stand up tall, walk with ourpose, and occasionally roll their heels


Growing older is mandatory. But growing up is optional. I love Disney because it keeps me young at heart.

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Marching Band Problems- I have the opposite problem, he'll tell us to set and then starts counting before anyone can actually get to their dot


Except my friend plays mellophone and I play trumpet and her ego is a lot bigger than mine 😂 but then again, some people are like why do you play trumpet? You have the personality of a trombone 😂

Not even LIGHTNING will excuse you from band camp! Remember those days? Yeah practicing outside holding metal instruments while the hair on your arms and back of the neck are standing on end! Sounds like a good idea...

25 Hilariously Awesome Marching Band Memes - Rain was only an excuse if there was lightening and we pointed it out lol