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Wahouu trop cool le tatouage "Dépôt légal" sur le torse. #LaBnFCEstAussiDuCulturisme Cc. @GallicaBnF

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Wahouu trop cool le tatouage "Dépôt légal" sur le torse. #LaBnFCEstAussiDuCulturisme Cc. @GallicaBnF

First class gym aboard the Titanic, 1912 Belive it or not there was a first class gym aboard the Titanic that any passenger with first class ticket could pay one shilling to gain access. It included some of the latest electric powered machinery such as an electric camel, horse, cycling and row machines that patrons could use under the watchfull eye of the Physical Educator that acted as sort of a lifeguard.

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A photo of the Titanic’s gymnasium, which include a punching bag, a rowing machine, and exercise bikes.

*TITANIC RECOVERY FACTS ~ What would the world be like if RMS Titanic hadn't sunk

*TITANIC RECOVERY FACTS ~ I wonder how they d etermined who everyone was so fast ,to pace them in coffins, bags or on ice?

There was 2 barbershops on Titanic. 1 for 1st class  1 for 2nd class.If you were 3rd class you would have got your hair cut before or after boarding the Titanic.

There Were 2 Barbershops On The Titanic - 1 For Class Passengers & 1 For Class Passengers - If You Were Class You Would Have Had To Have Gotten Your Hair Cut Before Boarding The Titanic

Titanic passengers

Just taken a picture of the public walking the deck, I am sure they will want some lasting memories

Mother and daughter who survived the sinking of the Titanic. Her husband did not make it. They were from England and made it to New York where they ended up staying because she could not bear to go over the area where her beloved was "sleeping".   From a letter: "Oh mother I haven’t a thing in the world that was his only his rings. Everything we had went down. Will you, dear mother, send me on a last photo of us, get it copied I will pay you later on."

and blankets Titanic Survivors Charlotte Collyer and her daughter Marjorie after they finally made it to America. She has a White Star Line blanket on her lap. Their faces say it.things are never going to be the same.