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An example of fine angel art by Brian Jekel

Angels among us ...

Angels among us.that guide us in good & bad times. Some people are just sent from heaven and sure are beautiful inside and out ❤️

...........Angels reaching to the Heavens............................................

I like to paint angels reaching to the Heavens by Thomas Andrew

Shiloh Lucia Hunter, truly an Angel in Heaven!!~ loveyou babygirl!!~

I can only imagine how gorgeous my sweet angel baby is.love and miss you more than you could ever imagine baby girl.

And kitties and every other animal go to Heaven. http://www.angelsgreencleaning.net

Jennifer Hoffman ~ The Exchange Of Blessings ~

I believe that my guardian angel is beautiful and i believe in heavenly Angels because I'm one of them and heaven is my home and I love my family that's up there God bless and to my sweet guardian angel thank you for protecting me from evil I love you

cowgirls are gods wildest angels, they use cowboy hats for halos and horses for wings, a mane in their face is their heavens grace

the difference between a cowgirl and an angel in heaven is that heavens angels cant ride as good

Happy Birthday to my Precious son Mike in heaven...........I have cried so much today my son,it just hurts so much, still, love and missed so much❤️love, mum Xxx 29.06.1998

Happy Birthday Dad In Heaven Quotes Happy birthday in heaven

Guardian angel. I was her guardian angel on Earth and now she is mine from Heaven...

For you may be entertaining angels unaware

The Angel of love will fill your heart and you will have all you need in time to come.  ^i^ ▪♡▪ ^i^

The Angels are with us.driving over a bridge after a rain storm and there was a beautiful double rainbow over the water.my son replies," A rainbow is a straight way to heaven.


Pink moon goddess {{I am walking my path. Magic is in the air and I am open to synchronicity guiding me to where I need to be.