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Spotted SF: Pacific Heights.

spotted sf: storm trooper on guard (washington x fillmore street) in pacific heights / sfgirlbybay

Painted Ladies aside, Americans tend to play it safe with their exterior colors—and if there's one color that's decidedly unsafe, it's black. This hasn't kept a few enterprising homeowners from covering the facades of their homes in this mysterious, inky shade, though. Feast your eyes on these 14 deliciously dramatic exteriors, just in time for the most deliciously dramatic of all holidays.

Come to the Dark Side: 14 Totally Chic Black Houses

Feast your eyes on these 14 deliciously dramatic exteriors, just in time for the most deliciously dramatic of all holidays.

C1747 Deerfield, Connecticut

I want to finish sharing about our trip to New England. Before the holidays we were in Connecticut.

Eastlake Victorian - This colorful Victorian home is a Queen Anne, but the lacy, ornamental details are called Eastlake. The ornamental style is named after the famous English designer, Charles Eastlake, who was famous for making furniture decorated with fancy spindles. Eastlake details can be found on a variety of Victorian house styles. Some of the more fanciful Stick Style Victorians have Eastlake buttons and knobs combined with the angular stickwork.

House Style Guide to the American Home

Eastlake Victorian House Style 1860 - An Eastlake Victorian is Essentially A Queen Anne Victorian with the Eastlake Detailing. A Furniture Designer Inspired These Fanciful Homes. These Lacey Victorian houses are lavished with Eastlake Style Spindlework.

Truman Capote's Brooklyn Heights town house ...

NEW YORK l Truman Capote's house in Brooklyn Heights at 70 Willow Street. Capote was living in the building's basement apartment when he wrote Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Cultured Jewel: A Garden on Lake Geneva

Well-Manicured: Lake Geneva Garden

The garden certainly wasn't the paradise that it is today when Scheufele took occupancy of the house three decades ago. "It was like a jungle," she recalls. With the assistance of Belgian master landscape architect Jacques Wirtz, she began to tame it.

JONATHAN IVE HOUSE not so modern

Mansão de chefe de design da Apple está à venda por US$ 17 milhões

Brick collegiate Gothic, limestone bay window and courtyard perfection at a landmark townhouse by architect Willis Polk in San Francisco’s uber posh Pacific Heights neighborhood. Willis Polk was.