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It depends on the style and size of the garment - a guide to the number of animals that suffer and die: Mink Rabbit Fox Chinchilla Seal Lynx Badger Otter Dog/Cat Bobcat Raccoon Marten Sable Squirrel And more animals die for fur trim.

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#vegan did you know that the diary industry kills calves? now you know. Please go vegan

Please Give Up Dairy. It's not healthy and it supports cruelty. Tons of non-dairy cheeses and drinks in this day an age.

Fur, worn by beautiful animals and ugly people.

I don't like how they have shamed someone who wore fur. It could upset people. I think the poster should focus on the animals and their suffering.

Risultati immagini per cartelli strani

First he’s fiesty, then he’s sad, then he gets salty about being friend zoned. This cat just wants some tender, loving care. First he puts himself out on the ledge.

<b>Aww.</b> There is (<a href="http://foodgawker.com/post/2011/03/21/96449/?utm_source=feedburner

40 Faces Of Pure Joy

Joplin Tornado : Woman Finds Cat Alive in Home's Debris 16 Days Later-- I can't even imagine the joy she felt in her heart when she found her friend touches me more than I can say.

I don't usually post this kind of picture, but the cold hard truth is here. I still don't understand why everyone so enjoys telling vegans how delicious bacon is. This is what you are doing every time you eat a piece of bacon. You are responsible.

And, even without labels, everyone knows who's who.

Chain of command

Koreandogs.org por favor, entrar y firmar!!!! Please Help!!!!!

Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, A Dog Eating Nation! German Shepherds are beautiful loving protectors! They are not edible you cruel asshats! They need to be turned to animal cruelty now. So the abuse can stop.

DIY Doghouse. "We had a crawl space behind the wall of our bedroom, so we built a house for our dog into the wall!"

DIY Doghouse. "We had a crawl space behind the wall of our bedroom, so we built a house for our dog into the wall!"