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If you are not aware of the right way to shampoo and condition your hair, you might unintentionally and unknowingly damage your hair. Get 7 tips for shampooing hair.

Cómo Dormir Bien, el sueño es una parte fundamental de tu vida, si no descansas lo suficiente tu cerebro y tu cuerpo no rinden al 100%. En este artículo te enseñaré cómo dormir bien y al finalizar la lectura sabrás exactamente qué es lo que tienes que hacer para aprovechar las horas de descanso al máximo y dormir bien. Visita:

I did this for 8 months last year when I had super long hair. It makes your hair grow so fast. About an inch or two every month

DIY rustic tree branch candle holders Tells you how to make them yourself, and also shares a link to an Etsy site that has them if you'd rather buy! Here’s what you need: Reclaimed branches or stumps cut to the size you like (A chain saw would be handy here but not required. A chop saw, reciprocating saw, or even a hand saw would work to

Fifteen Ways to Pin Back your Bangs

Hair and Make-up by Steph: Fifteen Ways to Pin Back your Bangs

Curly Hair Tips. I personally have tried what this girl says and wow! I hardly ever straighten my hair now! And it's grown quicker since I've stopped.

Deep Cleanse Your Scalp with EOs and Coconut Oil

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You can do it your self baby))

The Beauty Goddess: How to style your curly hair