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Megalodon Shark, an Enormous Predator from the Cenozoic Era Print at Art.com

Megalodon shark an enormous predator from the Cenozoic Era Canvas Art - Corey FordStocktrek Images x

Think a great white shark is scary? Think again.

Jeremiah Clifford, who specializes in fossil reconstruction, holds the jaws of a large great white shark while standing in the reconstructed jaws of a megalodon, - a shark from the Miocene era that grew upwards of 50 feet long.

Megalodon prehistoric sharks tooth, LG JJ

An long Megalodon tooth from the Atacama desert of Chile. A very small number of Megalodon teeth legitimately over 7 inches have been found. This would have correlated to a massive shark about feet in lenght.

Megalodon vs Great White Shark...yeah, some things I'm okay with the fact that they're extinct!

Megalodon Shark Demands Rematch with Predator X and “Moby Dick” Sperm Whale!



Megalodon size comparison ~ a shark bigger than a school bus. Damn.

Megalodon Facts and Information - All about Megalodon Sharks History, Evolution…

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A reconstruction of the jaws of Carcharodon Megalodon,the largest shark known to have existed.Megalodon teeth the size of a big man's hand.If the idea of a Great White scares you,image one about 60 feet long! The Megalodon ate whales,among other creatures;it is belived that as Earth's climate changed and the size of the world's oceans decreased,the megalodon simply ran out of room to find prey of a size sufficient for its needs.

Largest set of prehistoric shark jaws

It's billed as the world's largest shark jaw, measuring 9 feet meters) tall and 11 feet m) across. The giant jaw is made from 182 fossilized from the extinct Carcharocles megalodon.