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I hope when I have a daughter we are this close!

I am so blessed to have 4 amazing girls that I get to call my best friends! One is already close to that age and she is pretty amazing. Nothing I mean NoTHING could come between us, I am so blessed.

This is so touching!  Wish I had written it

this is to my beautiful daughter Hannah. couldn't have said it better. she is my precious daughter, my fun fun friend, my rock many times, my role model most of all. I love you daughter.

Mother inspiration

I can't even explain in words how much I love my 3 wonderful children.God loved you first and blessed me with you. A MOTHER THINKS ABOUT HER CHILDREN . I love all my babies and this quote is so true!

Words of wisdom for my daughter (Suzy Toronto)

Quote - Wisdom for my Daughter Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter Tori! I love you sweetheart!