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Explore Bucharest Hidden Gems, Secluded Terraces and more!

The hidden gardens of Bucharest – during summer you can escape the heat & noise by relaxing in one of the many beautiful, secluded terraces. Pick your oasis of calm in the heart of the city!

Melik House – the oldest private building in Bucharest. Built around 1750 by a merchant, the house retains its initial shape and structure while displaying elements of a traditional Wallachian peasant house: high cellar, glass covered veranda etc. Legends say that Melik House’ cellars expand over large distances, communicating with several establishments owned by old Masons. Now, the house hosts the Theodor Pallady Museum and it can be visited from Wednesday to Sunday.

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Viscri, Transilvania - 31 de căsuțe colorate [Foto]

Palatul Parlamentului. ( Silviu Matei / Mediafax Foto ) - See more at:

The Virgin Island in Bucharest – one of the 5 small islands spread across the lake of Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park (IOR Park). This tiny island is unique because it has developed its own ecosystem, providing shelter for a lot of species: ducks, swans, turtles, water snakes, seagulls and many species of insects. It’s a protected area so you can’t set foot on it, although you can get close by renting a boat, stroll around it and admire the wild animals.

Macca Vilacrosse passage in Bucharest – a spectacular yellow glass covered passage built in 1891 during Bucharest’s most prosperous era – the Belle Époque. Reminding us of the Boehme lifestyle of those days, the passage was designed to encourage commerce at street level. In other words, this was Bucharest’s first shopping mall. Today it hosts several indoor/outdoor eating establishments, including an Egyptian-themed bar, the Blues Cafe, a bistro, a Chinese restaurant and a wine bar.

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