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Straight men kissing more

More men are openly kissing in public

Kissing Tips for Better Sex

We kissed, and we both felt that amazing connection. When we embraced everything felt perfect and we both felt that we were in such a perfect place. But, the kissing was perfect. We know that, we will never forget it, we felt it and how can you ever forget that. Impossible.

I have brown eyes and i have a crush on my best friend ( thats a boy ) shhhh but I love him as my best friend.

from "X-Ray: amateur photo" series New Media by Ivan Tsupka

"How sweet to die in such employ, to rest,-- Sister and brother linked in love's embrace-- A sinless sinner, banned awhile on earth, But by the dead commended; and with them I shall abide for ever." what I feel when I play Scrabble. Or eat dark chocolate. Or hug a kitten. Or kiss a leprechaun.

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables

*DIY* Rxo Neat Ways To Number Your Tables | WeddingbellsHave each number represent a fun fact about your relationship, such as the day you met, the number of years you've been together or the number of dates before your first kiss.