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Niavaran Residential Complex Location: Niavaran, Tehran, Iran Architects : Mohammad Reza Nikbakht Date : 2012

Father and his daughters, Bakhtiari Tribe, Iran

The book of the Sufi is not written With ink and letters, it is only a heart, White like snow.

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Even though the current Iranian regime (a. Persian women are fierce, zealous, passionate, and intelligent. Don't let the hijab fool you.

Iranian street fashion. Daringly bright and colourful. Tehran's Street Style - Imgur

Tehran's Street Style

tehran-street-style- Iranian women fashion trend

Gowns For Women

Modest designs, chic styles and bright colors are presenting the Iranian fashion trends!

Tehran Cafe

Tehran Cafe

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi better known as the Shah of Iran was overthrown by  Shi'a clergy,  Ruhollah Khomeini. He banned the communist Tudeh Party, and wanted modernize the country of Iran even more. He was one of the first leaders of the Middle East to recognize Israel as a de facto state

The Shah of Iran, Mohammad Shah Pahlavi, poses with his son, Prince Reza, and…

Iranian Fashion: Between The Veils

Iranian fashion: between the veils

Between 1936 and when hijab was not in force, family albums capture Iranian women's embrace of western fashion, as seen in movies, magazines and embodied by a succession of fashionable queens