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Awesome Regina and Robin (Lana and Sean) Once S4 >>>> What happened to this storyline of Regina becoming the Savior? I hate OUAT. They start something amazing and never follow through.

Awesome Regina/Evil Queen Regina Emma Snow Zelena Archie

The Evil Queen Is Back! #EvilQueen #MamaRegal #EvilRegals #OUAT S5 Finale Lana Parrilla ❤️

Hook and Robin Hood - 5 * 3 "Seige Perilous" hooray! Robin Hood getting off the bench and suiting up! Former thief no longer. Is it too much to hope for an Outlaw Queen family Heist? He's gonna need some magic, Henry would be the perfect bait to get dark mama Emma away from her house. Cmon it writes itself ;)

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