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The many faces of Regina/Evil Queen

Regina/Evil Queen

2 - Regina’s story in chronological order we all just stop and take a fucking moment to appreciate Parrilla her progression of this character given how FU**ED UP the timeline of the show is?

Just a sad moment

"It does if it hurts you more!" this moment was so heartbreaking. Cora switching tactics when she realized she was caught and turning it all around on her daughter was so gross to watch. Both Lana and Barbara killed this scene!

The Evil Queen

She doesn't play Regina.She is Regina. <--- And that is why she deserves…

Awesome Regina Henry Regina's father Prince Henry/Valet/Nobleman (Lana Jared Tony Perez) #Once #S5B

Regina and Sr Henry and Jr Henry - 5 * 12 "Souls of the Departed" Henry meeting his namesake!

They run from me

I loved watching Snow and Regina bond in this scene. It was like a small glimpse of what could have been for them, if Regina had not been overcome with revenge.

"Nice outfit, by the way. We really do make it look good, don't we?" - The Evil Queen, Regina and Zelena #OnceUponATime (by oncerscene)

"Nice outfit, by the way." - The Evil Queen, Regina and Zelena (by oncerscene)

Awesome Evil Queen Regina Snow Charming in an awesome S3 Ep of Once

The most adorable scene goes to these three adorable idiots. I feel like this is more of a Lana Ginny and Josh moment more than a Regina Snow and Charming moment